What Is this About?

pastel and colored pencil drawing

This is about myth, magic, creative expression, spiritual awareness, speaking up and enjoying life. And this, above, is my drawing called Dragon’s Egg, done in pastels and colored pencils. Look around.

Mythos-Sphere is Coming!

Sphere Section

Hey, Leaf & Lizard friends! I'm super-excited to announce the launch of Mythos-Sphere! While Leaf and Lizard been resting peacefully for the past three years, I've been studiously applying myself to grad school: digging, dreaming, thinking, writing---and laying the ground for my new business. Emerging this spring from its leafy, lizardy roots, Mythos-Sphere is all about bringing people (more...)

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–Knock-knock! –Who's there? –Madame. –Madame (more...)



Go outside and listen Everyday. One bird's voice can (more...)

Dance On!


For your Solstice dancing pleasure! I wrote this for my (more...)

Project: Prayer Flags

project materials

If you think you don't have the time, the space, or the (more...)

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Creative Mythology


Fable is a process which brings people together to (more...)

Order From Chaos, Part I

fiber art

Order from Chaos is a piece I created in 2003. It began when (more...)


muddy, muddy mud

Mud is very nice to feel All squishy-squash between the (more...)

Now, Where Was I?


My journals are jungles. I like it that way. I spill (more...)