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Anger as Energy

The following is an excerpt from the Anger&fun* zine, Issue #1. The focus of the zine is not to incite anger, but to use that angry energy in a positive, constructive way. Let this be a forum to share, explain and discuss what’s on our minds.

Mixed Media Collage by Allysa Oliver

It’s the power to create change if you learn how to use it. Go with your strengths, they say…

While I am, shall we say, blessed with the ability to feel and express my anger easily, I have spent most of my life learning how to deal with this energy in a constructive way. Studying the work of spiritual teachers and great thinkers, I understand that anger used as a weapon causes only harm, to me and to my prey.

Yet anger is also a gift- energy- a spur.

Anger is a call to action– an awareness that something needs to change, and a gift of the energy needed to make something happen. Anger burns as fuel to create change. Don’t waste that energy!

Anger&fun* is a zine exploring creative personal, social, political and philosophical responses to the phrase “anger and fun”. The name was inspired by a story on the Occupy Movement by Justin Elliot of Salon, where activist Bill Dobbs was quoted as saying, “When people found these two ingredients — Anger and fun— ACT UP really took off, and that’s when things began to move much faster.”

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