Making It Up

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Festive Decorations

Three spiralsCreate a spiral design on a piece of paper. As you vary the shape of the spiral, you will create a slightly different ornament. The size and weight of the paper will also affect the sproinginess. Use pretty paper or color with paint or markers. Both sides will show when it’s cut out, so you may want to decorate both sides or glue two pieces together. (You can keep a plain white one as a cutting template.) Optional: add glitter or other shiny stuff.

Spiral Ornaments

Cut around the edge, then cut on spiral line. As you get close to the middle, stop when it gets too tight to cut, making sure you’re leaving a big enough center to create the hanger. Thread a needle with some embroidery thread, put a good size knot in the end; pierce and pull gently through the center of your ornament so the knot will sit underneath. Use the thread to make a hanger of the desired length.Spiral Ornaments

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