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Have You Met Pearl?

Pearl Fryar's Topiary Garden

A walking, talking inspiration, Pearl Fryar has created a magical topiary garden around his home in Bishopville, SC. Totally self-taught, Pearl has pushed through the boundaries of impossibility with his marvelous forms of boxwood, fir, dogwood, holly and more. As he shares in the documentary, A Man Named Pearl, he didn’t know it couldn’t be done, so he did it.

Pearl Fryar with sculptureAmong his living sculptures, you will also find Pearl’s “junk sculptures”. Many of the plants Pearl has nurtured in his garden were gleaned from the “throw away” pile at the nursery. Likewise, Pearl’s junk sculptures are crafted from refuse and found pieces. Pearl’s work teaches us to see how much value lies dormant in all that our culture casts aside— not only plants, not only junk, but people as well. Pearl feels especially called to reach out to the “C” students. They may not be the top students or the best athletes, but they have value and they have gifts of their own, if we will take the time to nurture them and draw them out.

Pearl’s garden is open to the public. If you’re lucky, as I was when I visited, maybe Pearl himself will be there to guide you around and answer your questions. In any case, it’s well worth the visit. You will smile.


  1. Sherri Downie says:

    Beautiful story….I haven’t met Pearl but I would like to. Maybe the next time I’m in the area…..

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