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The Things We Do For Love

When did “amateur” become a pejorative term? The word is derived from the Latin “amare,” meaning “to love.” An amateur is one who pursues an activity for love. It’s easy to see how, by extension, it has come to mean “unprofessional,” but I want to take a stand against judging the value of every person, place and thing against a monetary standard.

My ongoing project, “The Things We Do For Love,” explores the ways in which various people choose to engage in life with devotion. It’s simply about people who are plugged in to doing what they love and it’s about valuing that. You wouldn’t think we would need to be encouraged or reminded to do those things which bring us joy, yet in a world where increasingly more and more activities become factors in an equation where time = money, many people are finding that joy and those activities which bring joy are either considered guilty pleasures, or are being squeezed out of life altogether.

Most children know what makes them happy, yet how many teens are unsure of this? How many adults can’t remember? Sad, isn’t it? When we (human beings) can grow into ourselves the way an acorn grows into an oak, when the adult is the healthy expression of the child’s dream— then the world will be a better place and all of our lives will be enriched.

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