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Winter Solstice

Ice Candle

Here we are at the turning of the year. The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day in the Northern hemisphere, traditionally celebrated with a bonfire, to honor the returning of the light. The Yule log, a huge bough selected to burn all through the night, can be carved with symbols of the sun and decorated with greens.

If you haven’t got a place to build a fire, you can still take part in this ancient tradition by making a Yule candle. Get (or make) a big, fat candle. Carve symbols into it with a stylus or ice pick. Place it on a heatproof holder or tray and surround it with evergreens— holly berries and little pine cones are a nice touch (please be mindful of fire hazards).

FlameThe Winter Solstice is a time to relax and celebrate, so pour your beverage of choice (cider and ale are traditional) and enjoy the fire. May it burn away the cares of the year past and make way for the new year’s dreams!

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