Imagining Reality

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Magic in Everything!

Children dreaming under the full moon.
Digital photography presents a wonderful opportunity to explore the interface between “real” and “imaginary”. This boundary is not a line, but a vast territory: the creative realm. The edges are always shifting as what we imagine becomes real, and what we realize inspires our imagination. What is creativity but to fix upon an idea and bring it into form? We are engaging our spirit with matter and creating transformation: alchemy! What enters into your imagination and passes through your mind and hands into the physical realm makes you a magician. Important work, I think.  To see potential and to channel it into form is the experience of co-creativity. That is, when I create, I am not only expressing my unique individual nature, but I am also riding a wave of creative energy that is elemental— which one could also call Divine Spirit- or a Force of Nature- or God…

When future humans look back at this time, what will they say about us? Perhaps they will observe that in this era we began to truly comprehend the subjective nature of reality, developing our understanding of just how much our intentions, our perceptions and our beliefs shape our experiences and our world. Look around. Everything is pulsating with potential! How rich we are to live on this Earth!

Reprinted from ©2007 Mary Lounsbury.

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