Making It Up

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C’mon. Let’s go make something.

Let’s go make something.
Open up your awareness.
Get your hands dirty.
Make something ugly.
Make something beautiful.
Play around. Goof off.
Get serious. Give up.
Come back later. Try again.
Be obsessed. Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.
Let it go. Throw stuff out. Rip it up.
Throw paint on it. Talk about it.
Don’t talk about it. Let it speak for itself.
Have conversations. Meditate. Create quiet space.
Why do you keep coming back to that same idea?
Be random. Can you be random? Find the pattern.
Wander through chaos. Jump around. Laugh, sing, dance.
Say the opposite of what you mean. Use just one color
over and over again. Talk back to yourself.
Oh yeah. What was that dream I had last night?
Look what I found in the driveway. I just love this photograph.
Pick a word out of the dictionary. Give your work away.
Treasure your work. Work your treasure. Blow it up. bigger. Bigger. Bigger.

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