The Adventures of Leaf and Lizard

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Leaf & Lizard’s All Warmed Up!

Art Wall

A hearty thanks to all those who attended our Studio Warming last week! We had a lovely turnout, I had a great time, and I think everyone else did, too. Taryn & Melissa kept telling me, “Your friends are so COOL! We LOVE your friends! We want your friends!!” and I said, “OK, I’ll share.”

The mural in pastels above was created over the course of the party. Nice work, everyone!

Thanks for all the good wishes! Thanks, Sal and Doug, for the awesome music (I will post a clip when I remember to ask Sal about it) and — see you next time!



  1. A wonderful vibe in your studio. I want to come over and play with you and Taryn & Melissa. Let’s remember the idea of Kali night!

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