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Celebrate Lammas

Grain in the sun

Today– Lammas– the day traditionally observed as the first of three harvest festivals– is also known as the Feast of Bread. Named for the grain god Lug, who is sacrificed and buried so that he can rise again, Lammas is celebrated with the baking and breaking of bread. The tearing and eating of the bread symbolizes eating the body of the god, in order to be filled with the holy energy, and indeed we are energized by the grains that feed us. The ritual sacrifice, dismemberment and ingestion of the body of the god is a cross-cultural mythic theme. Notable other examples are Adonis (Greek), Tammuz (Babylonian), Osirus (Egyptian) and Jesus (Christian).

It’s a great day to bake whole grain bread– even better if you sculpt it in the shape of Lug–– just imagine what he looks like! You can use your favorite recipe; you might need to adjust the amount of moisture to make it sculptable. I love Ann Wiseman’s book, Making Things, a classic book full of great, simple projects I enjoyed with my children. She has instructions for making Bread Dough sculpture. The main points to remember are, use a dough recipe “not too dry, not too sticky”, form your sculpture lying flat on a cookie sheet, and use a little water to stick pieces of dough together as you sculpt the figure. Very fun and satisfying group activity! Take pictures! Please share!

Today– as our nation faces drought in some vast regions, flooding in others, and economic difficulties all around, if you are blessed with good food in front of you, give thanks. Today– like any other day– give thanks.


  1. In celebration of Lammas I give thanks for today’s crop of treats that make me grateful to live in Western North Carolina. The organic sausage for breakfast from Foothills Family Farms, eggs from our own hens (finally!), grape juice that we canned last fall from our own vines. Plus the chance for a morning romp with friends and dogs while we bartered a dozen eggs for fresh corn. Life is pretty sweet.

  2. Yes, indeed! Sounds like a great day! We’re making a biscuit man tonight…

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