The Adventures of Leaf and Lizard

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The Fiery Map of Infinite Possibility


There’s a lot of magic in that region where “playful” and “profound” intersect. I know the territory well, and I’m on a mission to share what I know.

Back in June, Rebecca Williams and I got together and invited folks to come by the studio for some fiery Solstice energy. The concept? To tune into that place in your life where you most want to express your fire– ie, get something done! make something happen! take action!

Participants began with a self-guided meditative journey to the center of the Cosmic Potentizer, to center energy and clarify intention.

Next, they moved to the Symbolic Resonation Station, where each person created and embellished a card symbolizing the energy they wished to express.

And then, when ready, they proceeded to the Fiery Map of Infinite Possibility. Each person mapped their intention by placing the card on the map, and adding details to the landscape to signify how to cultivate or apply the quality.

Followed by conversation and cookies!

Though each person began with the same instructions and the same materials, every expression is so thoroughly unique. Creativity! You gotta love it! It’s fun. It’s deep. There’s nothing else like it.

Give yourself time and space to create. You’ll do what no one else can.


  1. So good to see these pictures up! Thank you Mary. I need to see the Fiery Map again soon. I miss that energy.

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