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Almanac Not

The cover that would have been…

This was a hard decision to make, but I won’t be publishing the Almanac this year. Each year, I’ve tried to have it in print by August, because that’s when I need to have it in order to market it most effectively. And each year, I miss that deadline– for a variety of reasons, but mainly, there’s quite a lot of work that goes into producing each edition, and since it isn’t the only thing I do, I just don’t get it done in time. Then, since it’s an annual, it’s time to turn around and start again…

This year would have been the fifth edition; I vowed I would finish it in July, to be printed by early August, or I would let it go. Well, August rolled around and it was 80% done– That’s a lot of work completed, but not enough. So, as much as I’ve loved the project, and as much as I appreciate the support and positive feedback I’ve received from so many of you, letting it go seems good and right to me.

Best of all, the moon will go on waxing and waning. I’ll still be looking up. If you love to journal with the moon, as I do, please keep on! You can find info about the current lunar phase on my website, here.

Thanks, everyone, for buying my Almanac and for journaling with me!

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