Making It Up

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Bubbles and Orbs

Assignment from Dr. Walter Odajnyk’s Dreams, Visions, Myths class: Starting with a symbol from one of your dreams, make a creative project about that symbol. Use a non-dominant medium – that is, if you’re a painter, don’t paint. If you’re a musician, don’t write a song. Explore the symbol through a medium which is unfamiliar to you.

Here’s what I did:

An important part of the process is de-personalizing the symbol – that is, don’t look directly at how the symbol in the dream pertains to your life – like “this means such and such,” “this is about that argument I had” or “this is about my fear of sharks” or whatever – no, just take the symbol out of the context of the dream and research it, explore it and think of all the associations you can.

Dr. Odajnyk  noted that Jung said – if you think you know right away what it’s about, you’re probably wrong. The symbol is mysterious, deep, rich – there’s a whole lot more to it than what is obvious on the surface. So, live with it, play with it, experience it and see what happens.

Oh yes! I did have fun! Try it!

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