The Adventures of Leaf and Lizard

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The Journey Begins

Pacifica Campus

Pacifica Campus

September marked my entrance into the Mythological Studies program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. In the days leading up to my first session on campus, I was tense, tense, tense, tense and n-e-r-v-o-u-s with excitement. I had completed all the reading, and had done all I could to prepare, but prepare for what?? So many unknowns…

Who else would be there? How many people? Would we get along? How would the classes be structured? What would my professors be like? WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE??

Here’s what it was like:
18 new friends with a shared love of mythology; we are here for different reasons and also for the same reasons.
Brilliant and distinguished professors, who are also friendly and conversational (during breaks…).
Great food!
Every staff person helpful and welcoming.
Fascinating lectures, long intense days and LOTS OF RESEARCH.
And ummm, it’s in Santa Barbara, so…heavenly.

At the end of the first session, we may not have been ready to leave, but we were full to the brim with information and ideas.

Oh yes! The world of myth is a wonderful place to be!

Pacifica Myth Cohort E1, September 2012

Here’s most of the gang! Photo thanks to Jan Peppler.


  1. Jennifer Olsen says:

    Bravo, MMQC – I have this picture in my notebook for class – can’t wait for the new session to start. Jen

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