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Creative Mythology


Group Sketch

Fable is a process which brings people together to collaborate in creative mythology. Why mythology?

• To connect individuals and communities with their creative depths.

• To re-member, in the shamanic or Dionysian sense: finding the pieces that have been torn away from you; re-integrating what was lost.

• To restore the connection to spirit through shared ritual and creative expression. The deeper truth of story is always there. Through creativity, we tap in and make a conscious connection with that material.

• To share the joy of creative expression and spiritual community.

Fable workshops are offered in 1-3 day formats. For more information, please contact Mary.


  1. How exciting Mary! I knew something had to be up if you were letting go of your studio space.
    AND I assume you are moving to CA for this program, I lived in Berkely for 17 years and CA remains a place I visit every year or 2. My friends there continue to be very important and wonderful additions to my life.

    • Shiner! I love CA–– I am actually “commuting”–– it’s a low-residency program. It is a real treat to be there, and here, too –– best of both worlds!

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