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Dance On!


“Faerie Elders Dance” from Greenward Turn

For your Solstice dancing pleasure! I wrote this for my book, Greenward Turn.

Dance On

Dance by day and dance by night,
The summer birds do sing.
The minstrels play their merry songs.
The children’s voices ring.

Gather near and hold my hand,
Skip a lively round.
The faerie revels fill the air
The humans hear no sound.

There is no rule of nature
That makes the humans blind.
It’s by their own distraction
That they cannot see our kind.

Every now and then, though,
We get a sweet surprise,
When a little human wanders close
and looks us in the eyes

Mary Lounsbury

PS I’m excited to announce that I’m working on a new edition of the book. More info to follow…

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