Imagining Reality

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Now, Where Was I?


My journals are jungles. I like it that way. I spill everything out onto the page. It need not make sense, be neat or orderly. It need not have obvious relevance to anything. There is a great confusion of notes and ideas. In journaling, just as in gardening, keep some places wild.

In working with my land, I follow the age-old wisdom to leave some places wild – don’t try to control it all. There are goings-on about which you know nothing. Allow that. The same is true with writing, or any creative process. Let some places be wild – just let it happen – don’t arrange it, edit or control it – When you need to reconnect with yourself, wander through these wild places. You will find great value there.

I have that feeling this morning. I grab a few old journals and notebooks and clear a space on my table. Coffee in hand, the reading begins. If the process goes as usual, my first responses are something like, “What the…?” or “How confused!” and “Oh man, I never finished that…” –But soon, soon, I am deep into it– “Cool. Look at that! That’s right, now I remember.” What was I planning? But I don’t know – perhaps better not to be concerned with what I was planning and to simply move forward into the now…


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