Imagining Reality

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–Who’s there?


–Madame who?

–Madame foot’s caught in the door!

My favorite knock-knock joke. I think I learned it from my grandfather. Anyway, the point is, the world of mythos – spirit – creativity is always close at hand. But sometimes, we’re so busy, so stressed, so distracted, we forget it’s there. We lose touch with it, and we don’t know how to reconnect. I’m here to say, it’s a small step.

You can easily find your way back to creative expression, back to spiritual awareness, back to mythic understanding, simply by opening up to it. You don’t have to write a novel, become a professional artist or meditate for 3 hours a day. Bake some cookies. Listen to the crickets. Let your mind wander around in the dream you had last night. Consider the ramifications of sharing a smile. Draw squiggles on your to-do list. The little things are the big things. And you do have time for them.

The doorway to that realm of wonder is always within reach. Keep one foot in…

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