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Mythos-Sphere is Coming!

Hey, Leaf & Lizard friends! I’m super-excited to announce the launch of Mythos-Sphere! While Leaf and Lizard been resting peacefully for the past three years, I’ve been studiously applying myself to grad school: digging, dreaming, thinking, writing—and laying the ground for my new business. Emerging this spring from its leafy, lizardy roots, Mythos-Sphere is all about bringing people together to share in the joy and discovery of creative expression.

A collaborative myth-making experience opens the door to a new way of understanding the stories in which we live. Tapping the imagination, sharing ideas, using our hands for intuitive expression: whether it’s a three-day art-and-story-making intensive, or a ninety-minute interactive presentation, we use playful creativity to connect with others, and with ourselves. Together, we can build a narrative structure with the depth to hold all our views.

Mythos-Sphere will launch in March 2016, premiering with Leap Foolishly! on March 18-20 in Black Mountain. Details are coming soon on our new website, where it will be easy for you to sign up for events and learn more about just what we’re offering, and where, and when. Meanwhile, please download this Mythos-Sphere brochure and see what we’re planning!

What about Leaf & Lizard? Along with my decision to attend grad school, I made a commitment to focus my work on the one thing that matters most to me: creative expression in community. While this theme has always been intrinsic to L&L, choosing this focus means letting go of other things, at least for now. I’m full of gratitude for your support of Leaf & Lizard, and I hope your interest will continue as I enter this new phase. See you in the Mythos-Sphere!

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