About Leaf & Lizard

Founded by artist / photographer Mary Lounsbury in 2007, Leaf & Lizard is dedicated to re-imagining the world in a more beautiful, balanced way.




About Mary

Always making things, I’ve worked extensively in fiber art, mixed media, photography, graphic design and custom publishing. It is satisfying to craft a beautiful or interesting object, but more important to me is the creative process itself, which engages my being on all levels, and through which I discover many things, not only about art, craft and design, but about life, about myself and my relationship to the world.

Having studied throughout my life in the realms of philosophy, spiritual thought, and symbolic language (mythology, astrology, tarot and dreams), I’m now taking it to the next level in the Mythological Studies Ph.D. program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. I earned my BS in Education from the University of Pennsylvania, and I live in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.