Imagining Reality


–Knock-knock! –Who's there? –Madame. –Madame who? –Madame foot's caught in the (more...)

Order From Chaos, Part I

Order from Chaos is a piece I created in 2003. It began when my friend, Val McGaughey, led our Art (more...)

Now, Where Was I?

My journals are jungles. I like it that way. I spill everything out onto the page. It need not make (more...)

Myth: A Working Definition

Myth is a story shared within a culture, as part of that culture's larger body of mythology. Myth (more...)


Quiet your mind. Quiet your body. Turn your focus within. Breathe. Let go of all distractions. As (more...)

Winter Meditation

Take time, find space, away from distractions, to sit quietly…Breathe deeply and slowly… and let (more...)

Magic in Everything!

Digital photography presents a wonderful opportunity to explore the interface between “real” and (more...)

Cooking Up The Future

What you believe, you create— for better or worse, whether you're aware of it or not— so you may as (more...)