Making It Up

Project: Prayer Flags

If you think you don't have the time, the space, or the materials to do a creative project, try (more...)

Bubbles and Orbs

Assignment from Dr. Walter Odajnyk's Dreams, Visions, Myths class: Starting with a symbol from one (more...)

The Cosmic Potentizer

Lucky I am to have a studio where–if I'm seized by the urge to paint on the floor, I may do so. All (more...)

The Amazing Atom

Here's Atom Ledford, whipping up a mural around the doorway of Leaf & Lizard Studio. Atom was a (more...)

C’mon. Let’s go make something.

C'mon. Let's go make something. Open up your awareness. Get your hands dirty. Make something (more...)

Fairy Garden

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Mellie Mac's Garden Shack, in Black Mountain, where Mellie helped (more...)

Festive Decorations

Create a spiral design on a piece of paper. As you vary the shape of the spiral, you will create a (more...)