Imagining Reality


–Knock-knock! –Who's there? –Madame. –Madame who? –Madame foot's caught in the (more...)


Go outside and listen Everyday. One bird's voice can bring happiness and inspiration, If (more...)

Dance On!

For your Solstice dancing pleasure! I wrote this for my book, Greenward Turn. Dance On Dance by (more...)

Project: Prayer Flags

If you think you don't have the time, the space, or the materials to do a creative project, try (more...)

Creative Mythology

Fable is a process which brings people together to collaborate in creative mythology. Why (more...)

Order From Chaos, Part I

Order from Chaos is a piece I created in 2003. It began when my friend, Val McGaughey, led our Art (more...)


Mud is very nice to feel All squishy-squash between the toes! I’d rather wade in wiggly mud Than (more...)

Now, Where Was I?

My journals are jungles. I like it that way. I spill everything out onto the page. It need not make (more...)