A blog about finding wonder everywhere. Magic is herein defined as "the art of changing consciousness at will."

Now, Where Was I?

My journals are jungles. I like it that way. I spill everything out onto the page. It need not make (more...)

Winter Solstice

Just completed my regular banishing ritual – Good for a new moon, great for the Winter Solstice, (more...)

A Prayer for Mental Health

  May we find help when we need it. May we know the difference between right and wrong. May (more...)

Bubbles and Orbs

Assignment from Dr. Walter Odajnyk's Dreams, Visions, Myths class: Starting with a symbol from one (more...)

Myth: A Working Definition

Myth is a story shared within a culture, as part of that culture's larger body of mythology. Myth (more...)

The Journey Begins

September marked my entrance into the Mythological Studies program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. (more...)

The Magic Postcard

This fall, I entered the MA/PhD program at Pacifica Graduate Institute, in the Mythological Studies (more...)

Sherri’s Garden

Last year, I began a project called, "The Things We Do For Love", exploring the ways in which (more...)

Almanac Not

This was a hard decision to make, but I won't be publishing the Almanac this year. Each year, I've (more...)

The Minute Elf

Check out Jerry Pope's new book, The Minute Elf. Jerry's a friend, a neighbor, a teacher and actor, (more...)